Wow. “It is so windy my ……” Joke time.

There is no question the wind gods are exercising some of their power here in SouthCentral Alaska. I can’t keep count because the power keeps going out, but this is our 4th, if not our 5th Guster. Hey, what else can we call 25 to 110 mile per hour hits of wind, followed by calm and them more winds?

Someone said to me that the rain that has accompanied these storms are the same rains that hit us late in the fall and winter and brought all those blizzard snow falls. Cordova is supposed to get 14 inches? Or was it 7, either way being an amazing amount of rain for a Sunday.

Had this all been snow, Seward with its flood warnings due to rain, Anchorage with its wind and rains….well, I to think. That is why I just signed a contract to have someone else plow the driveway this winter. Me? I have to save my body for gardening next spring.

This is not the time to be outside working in the yard. Stay safe. Stay inside. It is only gardening. They are just gardens. No sense getting killed by a falling tree limb accelerated by an 85 mile an hour wind…or by a flying trash can lid under similar proportional.

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